Cooperation with Ms Monika Kolacz is pure pleasure. Excellent contact at the stage of determining the content of the graphic, clear messages on what material the author expects to meet the dreams of customers about a portrait, definitely facilitate the achievement of a satisfactory result.

The author prepared an introductory draft for approval, and the time from obtaining approval to presenting the finished work was pleasantly faster than originally announced.

Portrait made with precision pleasing to the eye, in the set color and declared formats – all in accordance with the contract.

I am very much impressed with the cooperation, I heartily recommend it!

Monika Badowska
Koneserka Prostego Życia

My experience with ordering a drawing for the first time was really great thanks to Monika.

She was very friendly, cooperative and sensitive to my needs. She also helped me choose the final reference photo.

All communication was swift, including questions and details discussed on an ongoing basis.

I am very pleased with the overall aesthetics and delighted with the effect.

I will definitely come back for another project.

Monika Kozieł

I wholeheartedly recommend Monika’s illustrations. She drew a portrait of my beloved kitten who, unfortunately, is no longer with us.

He turned out beautiful, how alive! Monika draws great, and she is also a very nice person, specific and on time. Sends a trial version of the drawing for approval.

I definitely recommend working with Monika to anyone who wants to have a portrait of themselves, a loved one or a pet!

Dominika Cymerman

I highly recommend Monika and her artistic talent.

I wrote to her with a request to draw a portrait (a gift for my husband for his birthday), I sent a picture and I did not expect that it could be done so beautifully.

If someone is looking for a great gift, I recommend Monika, she will take care of every detail!

Dagmara Sztuba

I recommend it with all my heart.

The daughter received a beautiful portrait from a very important event in her life. All details have been taken into account.


Feel free to order. ❤

Agnieszka Rejdak

I heartily recommend Monika’s works, she drawed my portrait wonderfully, which now decorates my wall and delights guests ❤️

I recommend it with all my heart.

Agnieszka Lubczyńska

Ms Monika Kołacz made a portrait of me for me.

Based on the submitted photo, she reproduced every detail of my image with great care, elegance and grace. When I saw myself on her artwork, I was amazed at such an amazing effect.

The portrait is beautiful, but at the same time authentic, without unnecessary decorations and treatments masking imperfections that I would not like. Although I didn’t tell the author much how I would like to look in the portrait, she made it in the way I really wanted it to be.

While placing the order, I didn’t know what my expectations were yet. Nevertheless, Monika discovered them herself and fit my taste. This portrait is the best version of myself!

Thank you for a beautiful souvenir that will remain with me for the rest of my life, and at the same time I recommend to others Monika’s work.

Joanna Czerny-Wróżka Cesaria

Ms Monika can perfectly reproduce facial features and the character of a specific person in her works!

I received a very good quality portrait in a very short time. The contact is great, and Ms. Monika asks about any corrections and sends the initial outline of the character for inspection – I did not expect it. 😊

If anyone else is wondering whether to order a drawing of themselves or their pet, I can say – THERE IS NTHING TO WONDER ABOUT! ❤

Aneta Różycka

Monika’s delicate drawings allow to show what is the most beautiful in ourselves.

Good cooperation and fast project completion with the expected effect make her offer worth recommending!

Joanna Jurkiewicz-Gülmez.

Quick and trouble-free contact.
Cool atmosphere during the photo session.
As a result, I got beautiful photos.
I recommend 🙂

Patrycja Cieslik

The cooperation on photo session
is very pleasant,
effortless and stress-free.
Lots of great photos are taken.
With each session, the progress is huge.

Justyna Charchut

Great cooperation during photo session.
I was stressed,
but Monika led the session with full professionalism
and the photos came out beautiful.

Agnieszka Masłowska

Monika Kolacz (Kołacz) – monaaart.eu