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What photos should we choose when we want someone to draw us?

So my answer is… it depends. Probably a poor answer, but take it easy, I wrote that it depends because not everyone who draws portraits does it the same way. Some draw them in the composition, others draw a portrait with a large part of the figure, others only faces. For each of these portraits you will need a slightly different photo, because some will only need the face, and others will need silhouette photos to reflect reality well. So I will not describe how everyone does it, because it is almost impossible, there is too much of it and everyone has their own personal preferences, but I know how I do it and I will focus on it.

The faces are very diverse, and at the same time similar, what is interesting … the point is that sometimes it is enough, for example, a few millimeters of difference in the width of the nose and the person portrayed may look like someone else. That is why it is so important that the photo is as clear and close as possible, I do not need body, because I only mark the shape of the clothes in a linear way, because my portraits are not about clothes.

I also draw group portraits, but take it easy, you don’t have to look for a common, clear photo, close up of all the people portrayed. You can send me photos of each person separately, then first of all, everyone will have better mines, they will definitely be clear and later happy with the end result. If you send me a few photos of different people and you especially want a composition, please include it in the notes to the order. Write who should be next to whom, on which side, because this drawing is for you, so I want you to be as happy as possible.

To sum up, if you want me to have no problem with showing the resemblance, try to find or take a photo of the face so that it is as close to the lens as possible and preferably in daylight, facing the light source. If I have to draw more than one person, please send a picture of each one individually or with maximal two faces on one photo, it will be the best option. In the case of a portrait of a pet, sharpness and good light are also important.

And now, additionally, a few examples on GOOD photos (clear, bright, detailed, not cropped):

Here are some examples for BAD photos (dark, too many people, too far shot, cropped, overexposed):

I hope that I have dispelled all your doubts and that you can place an order without any problems.

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