Frequently Asked Questions

Available formats: A4 or A3 and square: minimum 21 × 21cm, maximum 42x42cm).
Any, the illustration can be in one color or it can consist of several colors.
Yes, it can be signed with your name, pet's name, date of an important event, quote or whatever you want. We will arrange the details by e-mail.
The most important thing is that the photos are up-to-date. They must also be of good quality, seen from the front, so that facial features are clearly visible and legible. If you want multiple people in your portrait, you don't need to search for group photos. Better to find a good photo of each person separately. If you have a few pictures like that, so much the better !! When taking pictures for portraits, I adhere to the principle - the more the better! I do not know you personally I see you on photos only, so I have to capture your features as well as possible so that you are similar to each other in the illustration.
You can place an order via: the contact form below or directly by e-mail (in the e-mail, please write: what kind of illustration you choose [portrait, pet portrait, landscape, still life or other], what kind of illustration you choose [eg A4, 42 × 42cm], what kind of illustration color, do you want an additional inscription, please send a reference photo / photo from which to draw, any comments as to the composition, do you agree to the publication of the illustration on my website and social media.)
You will pay by bank transfer after approval of the final drawing.
Paying in a different currency is possible, e.g. in PLN, it requires a currency transfer or PayPal payment. We will convert the price using the exchange rate on a given day, which you can check here:
The waiting time depends on the number of orders at a given moment, it is from 2 to 4 weeks.
Yes, the illustrations can only be ordered in the digital version. However, in the e-mail along with the illustration, I will give you information on how to print yourself in the printing house, so that you can get the best effect.
When you decide to order an illustration in this version, you will receive 2 files by e-mail, one PDF prepared for printing, in good quality, in the selected format. You can print it out at any print shop by giving the file. The second is JPG for use on the web, e.g. on Instagram.
Good portrait photos are close-up on the face, in good quality, maximum two people in one photo. Bad photos are selfies taken at a high angle (distorted features), photo with sunglasses / headgear that covers the face and hair, photo taken from a distance, photo in profile, photo of a large group - taken from a distance, blurry photos, poor quality, low resolution, very dark photos, black and white photos. You can find examples in this blog post: