The Netherlands

Beauty of Eindhoven

I was living in Eindhoven for 8 months, after work and during weekends I spend time cycling, that gives me an opportunity to see the city.

For 6 months I was renting a room with my fiance on Barrierweg. The neighborhood was quite nice, because we had a lot of green areas, and it was quiet outside. Only problem was that we were renting a room in a standard dutch family house with 6 other flatmates (7 guys and me… that was hard). Ok, but now about Eindhoven.

This city had the greatest growth in the early 1900s thanks to Philips and his electronics company. He built many houses for workers (these buildings are still standing), they don’t have a front garden (because Philips was afraid that people wouldn’t take care of them and the city would look terrible), but they have long gardens in the back (people then had their own pets and vegetables), some houses have multiple rooms as children of different sex had to have separate rooms (and we know they had far more than 2 children then). Many places in Eindhoven have his name. The PSV stadium was initially a small pitch for Philips employees, and after some time it was turned into a stadium.

My favorite places are: Philips de Jongh park, Philips van Lenneppark, Urban Sportpark and Park Meerland. I’ve been to these places every week. They are big, green and pretty. It’s a pity that I don’t live there anymore, because I had a great time there.

Sometimes I choose Centrum and other build up areas for cycling.

Cool is the Strijp neighborhood where I lived for 2 months (that’s because our roommate was too loud and we couldn’t sleep after work). It’s a new „hipster” neighborhood. It has lots of cafes and nice architecture.

Centrum Eindhoven is interesting too because of „bulbs” and many graffiti but if you don’t feel comfortable in crowded places then don’t go there, because I sometimes felt like I was on Shibuya crossroad. You can find many good restaurants and shops with just about anything.

It is not a city for a trip, there is not much to see as a tourist there, it is a city to live, work and study. It is 30 minutes by bus from the airport to the center, but I guess it’s helpful for students, not tourists.

That’s all for now. Below I am leaving you some photos from various places in Eindhoven. Enjoy!