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Hello, my name is Monika Kolacz!

Woman drawing portrait on Ipad sitting at the desk, Monika Kolacz (Kołacz) - monaaart.eu

I’m Monika Kolacz (Kołacz). Nice to see you here! This page includes my portfolio with digital illustrations, photos, graphic design and traditional art. I’m from Poland but currently leaving in the Netherlands.

I am a computer graphic designer by profession, but I also deal with illustration and photography.
I draw digital illustrations, photograph the beautiful Netherlands in which I live and I take outdoor photo shoots of women.

From an early age, I painted, drew and take photos, first I learned it during additional art classes for 7 years, and then in the aforementioned school for 6 years.

In 2018, I graduated from the Secondary School of Fine Arts in Katowice, where I defended my diploma in painting and graphic design.

I am currently making digital illustrations on an iPad in Procreate. Previously, I did it in Photoshop on a Huion tablet. However, the current method is much more pleasant and closer to the feeling of traditional drawing, which I have been practicing for 20 years.

After many years of painting and drawing in the traditional way, I decided to use digital illustrations because they have their advantages. I can create them everywhere, even those with large sizes, I do not have to worry about the fact that the order will be lost during shipping, because it is instant (email is gold), and you, as a customer, can print them in an infinite amount and on various types of paper.

As much as drawing I love to photograph nature, landscapes and women.
I believe that the world is beautiful and we, as people, need beauty, especially women are sensitive to it, so they often get into complexes and feel inferior to others. By photographing them, I want to show them that no matter what they think about themselves, when I have them in my lens they are always beautiful.

If you want to cooperate with me, I encourage you to read the offer and contact me. If you want to ask about something, also feel free to contact me by email or instagram.

I am a native speaker of Polish, I speak fluent English and started learning Dutch.


mail: monaart.eu@gmail.com

Monika Kolacz (Kołacz) – monaaart.eu